Three Weeks From Today!

Amazon book cover  Three weeks from today February 15th is “Launch Day”.  Available on I have Included an excerpt from the book in today’s post.  It is our prayer that the Lord will use this book for His glory.  After all it was by His grace and peace that we were privileged to be Johnny’s parents.  The excerpt is from Chapter One shortly after Johnny’s birth.

When we arrived at Johnny’s incubator there was an elderly nun standing next to him and talking to him. When Joann got to her feet to see Johnny the nun turned and said; “Are you his Mother? He is so sweet, and just think God chose you to be his mother.”  To my wife, this petite nun was the angel God sent to minister to her.  That sweet lady reassured Joann that God had blessed her with this special child and that he had such a sweet personality. At the time Joann thought, “How could she know that?”  However, that nun’s words were prophetic.  We certainly have been blessed.  Johnny had the sweetest personality of anyone we know.

The book is a quick read and we pray it will help others.