Order Next Wednesday IN SPITE OF Wanting it Today!

Coming-Soon1-1024x562[1]Only seven more days until “Finding Grace and Peace IN SPITE OF Trials and Tragedy” launches on Amazon.com!!  Please order your copy on February 15th.  One friend commented after reading our book, “I laughed, I cried and I praised the Lord.”  Although this book says much about our son Johnny’s life and his impact on many people, it also will be a great help to those who are going through difficulties in their lives.

Here’s another excerpt: I would like to encourage anyone that has a loved one that is grieving for one reason or another, let them talk to you.  Ask them how they are doing and mean it.  Don’t accept the “I’m fine” or “I’m good” answers.  You see, those that are hurting have conditioned themselves to say what people want to hear rather than tell the truth.  They don’t want to sound like they are complaining or to suck the joy out of a room.  They don’t want to chase away the few friends they have left by talking about their grief.  In an effort to spare other people’s feelings, they have learned to suppress their own.  This only hurts them and prolongs the grieving process.

Joann and I don’t claim to be experts in grief or think that what we have gone through is somehow worse than what others have experienced.  We are just trying to be a help and encouragement to those that are dealing with situations that are hard to deal with.