Three Hours of Darkness


By John Ashley


Three Hours of Darkness

Three hours of darkness, oh what a sight; When God took the day and turned it to night.

Our Savior was hung on an old rugged tree; Paying the sin debt for you and for me.

Left alone by disciples; by His Father forsaken; Our pain and our suffering, in His body was taken.

“It is finished He cried, as the earth it did shake; the veil was torn, a new way He did make.

In a dark lonely tomb, His dead body did lay; but there in that grave not long would it stay.

The earth shook again, the stone did remove, He rose from the dead, His words He did prove.

“I’ll live again!” is what He did say, and we shall rise too, it may be today!

Three hours of darkness, as dark as could be; But that darkness gave way to sweet victory!