One Constant in Life is Change.


By John Ashley

The only thing in life that we can depend on, is change.  People enter our lives, only to move away;  We have a job that we think is secure, then the company moves or closes.  The scenarios are endless it seems.  We don’t always like change, but God brings change into our lives to produce a greater dependence upon Him.

Change can be difficult for many people.  It may require relocation or a restructuring of our lives.  Many times we look at change as a negative thing.  By it’s nature change means things don’t stay the same, we must move out of our comfort zone, and we don’t like it!  But, if we are to look at change with a Biblical perspective we need to apply the mind of God to our changes.  The passage of Scripture that comes to my mind is: Romans 8:28   And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”  This verse can be a bitter sweet passage. 

On one hand when we are going through a painful change in our life this verse brings no real comfort.  We know it is true, yet the pain we are experiencing is real and we are in no position to receive the truth that, God is allowing our situation to happen.  On the other hand, there is a profound truth that God is doing something in our life that really will work out for our good.  The problem is we most times will not immediately see the good.  Only time will reveal the hand of God in our changes and then we can clearly see the good that He has brought into our life.

It takes a faith that is developed over the many changes that life brings, to believe the Word of God, and simply trust Him as we navigate the changes and challenges that come our way.  There will always be changes in our lives, on that we can depend!  We need to depend on the Lord as the changes come.

Are there changes happening in your life today?  God is allowing them into your life for your good.  You may be very sorrowful or even angry right now.  Through your pain and tears look up, and trust.  I know that even as I write this, it is a hard concept to accept at times.  But only time will reveal God’s hand.  Don’t just hate the change, but try to trust the Changer.