The Compassionate Shepherd

By John Ashley

It has been a long time since I have posted anything, that is because I have been working on a new book.  Well, I have finally finished the “very rough” draft and it is getting it’s first edit.

This new book is mainly for those in leadership.  Pastors, deacons, teachers, those that lead groups of people.  It is designed to give the Shepherd an idea of how to, not only lead in a compassionate way, but to also help those that are hurting in their particular flock.

This book also seeks to encourage the Shepherd to lead by example.  Leaders are not exempt from trials and problems themselves.  They must lead their flock as they navigate through their own personal difficulties.

It is my desire that this new book will help the Shepherds that are involved in ministry, and those that are training for the work of God.

Here is a small excerpt from the introduction of “The Compassionate Shepherd.”

“The teaching and preaching ministry of the Shepherd of the church, is a small part of the work God has called him to. However, it is the most public and influential part of that work. The manner in which we deliver the message that God has given to us, is just as important as the message itself. Preaching of the grace of God, without being gracious, will leave the hearer confused at best.

Luke 4:22“ And all bare him witness, and wondered at the gracious words which proceeded out of his mouth. And they said, Is not this Joseph’s son?” (Emphasis added)

People want to know that you truly care about them. In today’s world, there is not much compassion shown to one another. People are so busy trying to shout each other down, that there is no room to listen, or come up with any solutions to the problems of our day. Many times the people who claim to care the most are the ones shouting the loudest.”

As I continue in the process of getting the book ready to publish, I will periodically post an excerpt for you to read.

May God help us all be compassionate in all our areas of influence.