Elevator Kisses

During the many stays in the hospital with our son Johnny, there were times, Joann and I would find ourselves in an elevator all alone.  This may not seem unusual to those that have not spent much time in a large medical facility, but to us it was our oasis from the constant noise and pressure we felt most of the time we were there.  Many times the elevator was a place where we could briefly let our emotions and tears flow freely.  We might have a brief conversation about what we were going through personally at the time.

It was during one of our times in the elevator that a new ritual started.  I hugged Joann and then gave her a kiss, trying to reassure her that everything would be alright; many of our trips to the hospital were filled with worry about what was going on with Johnny.  Many of those kisses through the years were mingled with our tears.  However, I wanted her to know, that no matter what happened, her and I could count on each other and that we would face whatever was ahead of us together as a couple.

Recently, we were in a hotel and found ourselves alone in the elevator.  I bent over and gave Joann a kiss, like I had countless times before.  We both chuckled, and my mind went back to the hospital and how many times we had opportunities to practice this ritual.  I remembered the unity it brought to us as a couple through some trying times.

Our life has taken several turns over the years, many turns we would not have chosen, but the Lord was guiding the path.  The kisses in the elevator today may not have the exact meaning that they did in the hospital, but they are a reassurance that all is well.

Our Heavenly Father wants to give us some spiritual elevator kisses.  Even though we may be going through some very trying times, He desires to reassure us, we are not alone.  No matter what happens, He is by our side.

Hebrews 13:5 Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.

During our times of trial we need to get in the elevator, so to speak.  Get alone with the Lord, allow Him to put His arms around us and give us the peace that comes from the love He has for us.  No matter what happens in our life, we are not alone; He walks through the valleys with us.  He is there to wipe our tears and comfort our hearts.

Joann and I have had to ride the elevator with the Lord an awful lot over the years.  But, can I say, He has always gotten onboard with us.  Through the countless hours of worry and heartache, we have known His presence and loving care.  He has reassured us that all will be okay.

We have no idea what lies ahead in life, I’m sure there will be more tear filled elevator rides.  Only the Lord knows for sure.  I trust He will be onboard the elevator when those times come.

I am however, looking forward to being alone on the elevator with Joann again soon, so I can steal another kiss.