Going in or Turning Back?

Psalm 78:41 Yea, they turned back and tempted God, and limited the Holy One of Israel.

Our God is all powerful, nothing is impossible for Him, He is all knowing, all loving and all caring.  The Lord is omnipotent, He is not limited by anything in the universe that He has created. Yet, the Bible tells us that Israel limited Him when they turned back from entering the promised land due to a lack of faith.  God had promised them a land flowing with milk and honey, wells that they would not need to dig, houses that they would not need to build.

Twelve spies were sent into the promised land to look it over.  When they returned, they told the people of Israel that the land was exactly what God said it was, a land of untold blessings.  There was a problem however, the land was occupied.  There were giants in the land, the cities had walls and they would need to defeat them to live in the land God promised to them.  Two of the spies said to go and take the land.  The other ten said that victory was impossible!  The people of Israel believed the ten and turned back.  The Bible tells us that at that point they put limits on what God would do for them.  They wandered for forty years in the desert until all those twenty years old and older died.

They had forgotten all that God had done for them, they had no faith in the Lord of miracles.  At that point the Lord wouldn’t allow them to dwell in the land of blessings.

I believe that many times we limit God from working His will in our lives by our lack of faith.  We fail to remember all the things He has done for us; the miracles He has worked in our lives.  Our present circumstance dictate our level of faith!  We fail to trust God to give us victory over situations that seem impossible.  However, He is the God of the impossible!

We become afraid to ask for the big things.  We can go down a list of times that we have prayed in the past and God didn’t grant our requests.  So, rather than seeing Him as the God that can do the impossible, we see Him as the God that didn’t answer a past request.  God’s ways are not our ways, neither our His thoughts our thoughts.  There is a reason that He didn’t answer our past requests.  The Lord wants us to trust Him today, regardless of what happened yesterday.

Let’s not put limits on the Lord today!! Trust Him now and get ready to enter into the promised land!!