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In Spite Of: The Johnny Ashley Story

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Johnny came into this world with multiple congenital malformations. He endured over forty surgeries including two heart valve replacements and a kidney transplant. At the age of two and a half, we discovered Johnny was also profoundly deaf. “In Spite of” is how our son Johnny lived his life. Despite the many challenges he faced, he was an inspiration to all who knew him.


“Powerfully transparent. Pastor John Ashley and his wife Joann with great humility challenge the expectation of “Christian invulnerability” and expose the triumphs and tragedies of loving a child with unique needs. In Spite Of is not another “don’t let anything bother you” self-determination book, but rather an honest testimony that victory comes in spite of the hurt. This book will be a great encouragement to those that are hurting and those that feel helpless in caring for the hurting. The indelible spirit of Johnny lives on in the many lives that are touched by this book.”

Pastor Jason Georges

Immanuel Baptist Church

Corunna, MI

“In Spite Of is a compelling picture of God’s grace through every circumstance of life. I believe this book will be helpful to those going through difficult situations. However, there is great wisdom for those who walk beside others in trying times. I would recommend everyone taking the time to read this compelling and realistic look into the life of Johnny Ashley!”

Pastor Aaron Burden

Trinity Baptist Church

Flushing, MI4



The Compassionate Shepherd

Amazon Bestseller in Pastoral Counselling, Death and Grief 

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“People come to the House of God to find some peace and compassion. The heart of the Compassionate Shepherd desires to feed the flock with a passion that is convincing, but also with a compassion that will draw the hearer to The Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ. Shepherds must deal with the hurt and pain of others while also navigating their own difficulties in life. This may mean helping others, while our life is in crisis. Having compassion like that, at times, is not always an easy exercise.

This book will attempt to teach the shepherd how to best minister to those that are hurting in the flock, how to counsel families dealing with death, tragedy, and grief, and how to be the example of living for Christ while you are carrying heavy burdens of your own and those of the flock.”